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UFC 123 Predictions


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Rampage KO (i hope lol)

Hughes UD

Harris TKO

Davis UD (maybe submission)

Sotiropoulos UD


Sadly I will have to disagree with the Rampage one. As much as I dislike Machida, He will hit and run till he pulls off the UD.


The rest of your picks are solid stuff.

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Do you people even know who the guy fighting Harris is (I can not remember his name) This is is from Chute boxe and has a ton of (T)KO's on his record' date=' wayy more experience then Harris. I havn't seen him fight but just on that I chose him. Very surprised he only hs 4 votes.[/quote']


Cause people only vote on what and who they know.


Its sad i know.


Fickle fans.

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