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What will Rampage have to counter Machida's Aikido?


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I was just wondering what you guys think his answer will be, and if he trained with any real fighters like Jet Li or Jackie Chan in response to Lyoto getting personal training from Steven Seagal.


I hope this isn't a one-sided *** whooping from Lyoto, because we all know how good he was at Karate. Imagine what he is going to be like with Aikido taught by STEVEN SEAGAL.

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i seriously dont like seagal telling lyoto not to use his wrestling/sumo. i think that is a big advantage he has over rampage and on the ground he has black belt bjj which rampage doesnt have.


anyway this aikido stuff seems way more risky compared to the backpedaling that machida usually does, i mean how do you defend against hooks with those aikido moves?


but i guess he will combine this with backpedaling obviously.so he will be untouchable.


although no wrestling could be good cause i hope machida knocks him out cause that would truly break rampages spirit

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