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Fighters who never got their chance


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Why would you want to watch that fake show anyway?


lol I actually don't. I've seen a couple clips but other people seem to enjoy they hell out of it.


The fact that

a) I'm an old fart

B) MTV airs that abomination called Jersey Shore


I refuse to turn on MTV. I haven't since the 80s.

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Miller twittered the other day this


If you were to contract Athletes foot during sex would that be classed then as a STD?


the guy is funny as hell


another one was


Saw a Large lady dressed as snow white the other day she did not enjoy the nickname I had given her AVALANCHE.


That is hilarious. :)

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I'm just saying should get or should've gotton their chance in the UFC, not in general:


Efrain escudero* - the guy is 13 and 2, missed weight once but put on an awesome fight and gets kicked out?! wth?!


Vinny Magalhaes* - I like him, awesome Jiu jitsu


Nick Diaz* - cmon man! let the man smoke weed and say 'stockton' every now and then for no apparent reason, he's more than good enough to be in the UFC


Mayhem Miller* - I don't understand why you can't host a show and also fight in the UFC. And Mayhem is entertaining and draws a lot of fans as well as almost beating Shields who is now at the top of the 170 welterweight division.


Ubereem* - brought it on himself because he still likes fighting K1


Fedor - brought in on himself because M1 wanted to co promote with the UFC which is ridiculous.


Cung Le - not the most well rounded fighter but is damn entertaining and effective


Aoki* - again not the most well rounded but what he does, he does amazingly.


Melendez* - deserves to be there


KJ Noons*


Mousasi* - I really really want to see him in the UFC soon, he's been amazing throughout his career. Yeah he LnP'd on recently by king mo, but he's still very well rounded and can be dangerous at 205.


Jacare* - no need to explain.


Sakuraba - I don't understand how he never got to stay in the UFC.


Manhoef - Beastman. would've been interesting to see him there.


Igor Vovchanchyn - just never went to UFC but had a good time in pride.


And lastly, the person who truly never got their chance in MMA: Bruce Lee. If Bruce Lee was 20 right now, he'd have been training MMA for at least 10 years and destroying people on his way to a title.


*(means 'but there's hope yet')

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