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Is Nate Marquardt over hyped by Anderson Silva?


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Anderson Silva says Nate is the next middleweight champ. But Nate loses to Okami and Sonnen. Dana White called Nate a choker. Is Dana right?


Florian seems to be over hyped too. All from team Jackson.


ALL from team Jackson? You mean both from team Jackson. Two guys that have lost in big fights against great opponents. I'll admit Marquardt looked horrible in his Okami fight but against Sonnen he just got outpointed by a better wrestler. The same is true of Florian against Maynard. Both guys have dominated the majority of their competition aside from their losses. The only real knock that can be made against them is they aren't as good as other's hype them up to be and don't seem to handle wrestlers very well. I don't think either of them are choke artists, I think they just got beat by guys that are bad match ups for them or better fighters. So I guess I'm saying I don't think Dana is right.

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