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That old black man at the weighins


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if you watched one of the episodes of ultimate insider


they show you all the stuff he does and pretty much he tells everyone what the need to be doing behind the scenes and makes sure everyone is on good weight, tells fighters when it's their time to be getting warm/walking out and he is pretty much the man behind the scenes

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so pretty much he is doing dana whites job


You think it's Dana's job to coordinate and keep things on schedule? lol. Jesus....


I've seen an interview with that dude. He's just the coordinator. Keeps people on schedule and is the go to guy for logistics (Where's my locker room, who's checking my gloves, who do I give my paperwork to, etc etc)


If you think Dana has anything to do with middle management, you're retarded

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Hes Burt Watson.


'baby sitter' to the fighters as hes been called.


he also calls on the guys when its fight time from their dressing room.

makes sure everyone is on time etc...


i think he has boxing industry experience in the past' date=' which led him to this job[/quote']


We Rolliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!

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