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Harley Davidson's Prep Point


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Lyoto Machida

Very Elusive

Fast Reactions

Underrated Ground Game

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

Powerful Slams

Heavy Hands

Good Ground and Pound

Matt Hughes

Underrated Hands

4 Time All American Wrestler

Former 2 Time Welterweight Champion

BJ Penn

Fast Hands

World Class Jiu Jitsu

Former Lightweight and Welterweight Champion



Feel free to add your own prep points

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Lyoto Machida

former light heavyweight champion


He Swallows


Rampage Jackson

former light heavyweight champion

Good slams

He's black, and the other guy's white.


Matt Hughes

former welterweight champion

Ground and Pound

Never smiles in pictures.


BJ Penn

former lightweight and welterweight champion

World class Jiu-Jitsu

Complains and whines.. Little girl.

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