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I think it's great that Lyoto got robbed, considering her robbed Shogun.


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Seriously. The robbery he committed against Shogun doesn't even come close to this. That was a title fight too. And Lyoto did get his *** beat the first two rounds in terms of getting hit.


its not his fault the judges screwed up when he fought shogun. dont blame him for that


................................... really?

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He wasn't robbed.


Rampage won round 1 on agression and octagon control 10-9 (Jackson)!


Rampage won round 2 on a agression and the take down, he slipped at the end of the round so only two judges saw him win 20-18 Jackson, 19-19 Draw!


Round 3 clearly went to Machida. 29-28 (Jackson) 29-28 (Jackson) 29-28 (Machida)


That equals a split decision Win for Rampage!

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