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Who impressed you?


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The top 3 to impress me were



Barboza, he went Aldo all over Lullo legs.

Cant wait to see him fight again, just thinking of a possible fight between Barboza & Charles Oliveira :P


Another debutante to impress me was Falcao, granted he didn't fight in the 3rd, His striking skills were awesome. Lighting quick punches. Mark my words he will light up the MW division.


The last was off course BJ Penn, the way he came to the cage, you new this was the old BJ Penn. You could tell he had that fire in his belly. Hopefully he can keep that motivation for his next couple of fights. Not to sure tho whether it be best to stay at WW or drop back down.


Also quick shout out to Nick Lentz, was not expecting him to get a win against Tyson Griffin, 3 losses now. Will he get cut?


Have to say this tho am glad that Parisyan lost. Never been a fan. Hope the UFC cut him.

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