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BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch a possibility for UFC 127!


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Fitch will do what he does best and grind out a decision.


agreed. Even if motivated BJ shows up, he'd need another 21 sec KO to win cause Fitch will go for td's from the start.

BJ will rubber guard, but will have problems getting back to his feet, cause if fitch can hold down Alves who didn't even make weight, then he can definitely hold down a lighterweight BJ. After one and half rounds on bottom, BJ will give up, and fitch will LnP to a UD.


I'd much rather see BJ vs George Sotiropoulos, that guy is 14-2 on an 8 fight win streak, and would make a great back and forth grappling match. I think they're shafting him by still not giving him a top 5 opponent.

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