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Barboza's BRUTAL leg kicks


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For those who were at the live event know who this guy is, he's a brazilian who is 7-0 all finishes, he TKO'd Lullo via LEG KICKS. His Muay Thai skills were ACE level, his slams were BRUTALLY intense, and his gas tank seemed endless. Lullo won't be able to walk well tomorrow. If you were to blink during this fight you would of missed some of Barboza's strikes they were so fast.






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That was awesome. There's something about beating a guy up to point where he can't even stand that's just total domination lol. And at the end he was shouting "You've seen nothing!". Such a badass. He needs to work more on his grappling because he already has the striking, the strength, speed and cardio to be a force! Barbaric Barboza.

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What ever he's done' date=' he's definitely earned a fan.[/quote']





double that.


bubbleozza and falco are now my 2 UFC up and comers.




its insane that the UFC steal my money for 3 consecutive events then pack all the good fights for the past 3 months (minus brock getting raped) into 1 card.




**** predicting fights.




if I could get good at predicting entertainment value of a fight card I would save alot of money.

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