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Cain Velasquez vs JDS???


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When the hell, are we going to know when cain v and jds are going to fight? Ive checked every ufc card up until march, and theres no cain v vs jds. Thats 4 months from now, and still nothing. Why? Cain wasn't injured, and jds is ready to fight. Why are they making the fighters and the fans wait for this fight? As soon as Brock came back he took on shane carwin then less than 3 months after that he took on cain. Why isnt cain v taking on jds?

How long until this fight happens.....6 months?

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The thing is, I can imagine Dana wants big buys on all the events next year (at least 32 I think he said at the post-presser!), so as long as there's 1 big bout people will buy it.


With that said, I don't think it should work like that. Champions should have to defend their titles a mandatory 2x a year, unless they are seriously injured and can recover within a year. And the way Cain's last fight went, he should be fighting in February/ March at the latest. That's 5 months since UFC 121, and JDS deserves a title bout ASAP.


At least with the integration of the WEC we get to see 4 more title bouts a year, perhaps more. But Cain vs. dos Santos should either headline UFC in Abu Dhabi alongside Shogun/ Evans, or headline UFC 127 with Penn/ Fitch as the co-main event.

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