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Phil Davis vs Matt Hammil


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I think Matt will a guy to really push and test Davis , he has kind of been fed a lot of milk thus far in his UFC career despite the 4 straight wins.


What do you guys think? I'm a big fan of Mr Wonderful but I like to see fighters pushed and tested it makes them so much stronger.


Who is the one to test Davis? and should it be in his next fight?


your thoughts.

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sounds good but i would back hamill


i like both and Davis is my top prospect at the moment


i would not be suprised if Davis took it


A loss wouldn't be bad for Davis in his career right now , he needs a lot of improvement from now before he can ever be talked about in a title picture , Hammil is a huge step from his last opponents but I think it is needed.


If you believe Hammils striking will edge the fight for him , then Davis needs a lot of hands training and maybe he needs to be showed that by a defeat.

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I agree about Hamill being a huge step for Davis. I think Davis should get 1 or 2 more fights in before he starts fighting top ranked fighters. There are lots of opponents available for him such as Matyushenko, K-Soz, Cane, Cantwell, winner of Bonnar/ Pakorjac, Romero, Maldonado.

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