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Because of the usage of PED's, Sonnen vs. Lesnar makes sense


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Think about it; both of these guys use PED's, and obviously, pretty regularly. Both men are very strong because they took down elite TDD artists in Velasquez and A. Silva. They have both shown good striking. Sonnen dropped the best striker in the world and Lesnar dropped the best striker in the HW division other than Struve, in Mir. Lesnar actually dropped Mir twice.


They both went to a D1 college for wrestling and have shown that they can take each other down. I would give the GnP edge to Brock because he KO'd Mir, someone that took strong shots from Cro Cop, the best striker in HW history. Chael definitely has better grappling though because he swept Anderson, a high level Ju Jitsu artist.


Brock would have about a 20 weight advantage though.. He'd probably come into the fight weighing 265 and because of the infectious usage of PED's, Chael would come in at about 245 maybe 255.


I'm not quite sure who would win the fight but I know it would be awesome..





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