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Striceforce HW VS UFC HW


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It all strated with Alister Overeem chalenged DW to organized tournament Top 5 vs Top 5


It will never happaned but just curios what do you think?


Alister vs Cain - could go either way

Fedor vs JDS

Barnet vs Lesnar

Rogers vs Carving

Werdum vs Mir -


i agree with you except Mir would beat Werdum just because he would keep the fight standing.

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Reem vs Cain, Really could go either way but I'm got Cain taking this.


Fedor vs. JDS, Fedor is so overrated now it's not even close, JDS all the way.


Barnett vs. Lesnar, Lesnar is a monster but Barnett is a slightly bigger version of Cain, Barnett wins this.


Rogers vs. CARWIN, Not even close, the fat turd loses quick, Carwin by murder.


Werdum vs. Mir, Mir just because he isn't just a ground guy.

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You have to have a severe mental retardation to say that Fedor is overrated.

Any of the fights could go either way, cause they are all great fighters (except Brock).

But I do think that Strikeforce would win this 4-1, maybe 3-2. Of course, thats if they would skip the drug test, cause then barnett and overeem wouldnt be allowed to perform.

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These discussions are completely irrelevant and an utter waste of cyberspace.


The fact is the top 3 or 4 in each promotion are just about even, but the UFC far surpasses SF in depth of the division. After the SF top 3 (not including Barnett or Voyvanchkin as they are not signed to compete as of yet) There is a pretty huge falloff in talent level.

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how can anyone take strike force's HW's seriously. there has been one title fight in like three years or something.


and overeem is a fraud he hasn't had a win over a top fighter since 2006 and has never beat a top HW. and has only fought once in any well regulated area since his masive size explosion. (MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL)


fedor is the only fighter they have worth discusing.


werdum is capable of beating most fighters, but most fighters are equaly capable of beating him.


barnet is a filthy unrepentant drug cheat. thats all he'll ever be. even if he beat any of the UFC's top guy's he would be banned days later and the result changed to a NC.


and rodgers is a future mid level fighter who stumbled onto being the most over hyped fighter in the hisotry of fighting. any of the UFC's top 5 would destroy him. big country would probably mess him up.

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Uber vs Cain

Fedor vs JDS

Barnet vs Lesnar

Rogers vs Carwin

Werdum vs Mir




uber fraud. seriously one title defence in three years and against a guy who was coming off a loss. overeem would never agree to fight cain and if he did it would look something like randy vs toney.



seriously does someone want to take a look at his record and explain to my why he is even relevent?

Win Brett Rogers TKO (Punches) Strikeforce - Heavy Artillery 5/15/2010 1 3:40

Win Kazuyuki Fujita KO (Knee) K-1 - Dynamite!! Power of Courage 2009 12/31/2009 1 1:15

Win James Thompson Submission (Guillotine Choke) Dream 12 - The Cage of the Rising Sun 10/25/2009 1 0:33

Win Tony Sylvester Submission (Guillotine Choke) UG 11 - A Decade of Fights 10/17/2009 1 1:23

Win Gary Goodridge Submission (Kimura) UG 10 - The Battle of Arnhem 11/9/2008 1 1:47

NC Mirko Filipovic No Contest (Knee to the Groin) Dream 6 - Middleweight Grand Prix 2008 Final 9/23/2008 1 6:09

Win Mark Hunt Submission (Keylock) Dream 5 - Lightweight Grand Prix 2008 Final 7/21/2008 1 1:11

Win Tae Hyun Lee KO (Punches) Dream 4 - Middleweight Grand Prix 2008 Quarterfinals 6/15/2008 1 0:36

Win Paul Buentello Submission (Knees to the Body) Strikeforce - Four Men Enter, One Man Survives 11/16/2007 2 3:42

Loss Sergei Kharitonov KO (Punch) K-1 HERO's - Tournament Final 9/17/2007 1 4:21

Win Michael Knaap Submission (Guillotine Choke) K-1 - World GP in Amsterdam 6/23/2007 1 3:29

Loss Mauricio Rua KO (Punches) PRIDE 33 - Second Coming 2/24/2007 1 3:37

Loss Ricardo Arona Submission (Punches) PRIDE - Final Conflict Absolute 9/10/2006 1 4:28

Loss Antonio Rogerio Nogueira TKO (Corner Stoppage) PRIDE - Critical Countdown Absolute 7/1/2006 2 2:13

Win Vitor Belfort Decision (Unanimous) Strikeforce - Revenge 6/9/2006 3 5:00

Loss Fabricio Werdum Submission (Kimura) PRIDE - Total Elimination Absolute 5/5/2006 2 3:43

Win Nikolajus Cilkinas Submission (Armbar) WCFC - No Guts No Glory 3/18/2006 1 1:42

Win Sergei Kharitonov TKO (Knees) PRIDE 31 - Dreamers 2/26/2006 1 5:13

Loss Mauricio Rua TKO (Punches) PRIDE - Final Conflict 2005 8/28/2005 1 6:42

Win Igor Vovchanchyn Submission (Guillotine Choke) PRIDE - Critical Countdown 2005 6/26/2005 1 1:20

Win Vitor Belfort Submission (Guillotine Choke) PRIDE - Total Elimination 2005 4/23/2005 1 9:36

Loss Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 29 - Fists Of Fire 2/20/2005 3 5:00

Win Hiromitsu Kanehara TKO (Doctor Stoppage) PRIDE 28 - High Octane 10/31/2004 2 3:52

Win Rodney Glunder Submission (Guillotine Choke) 2H2H - 2 Hot 2 Handle 10/10/2004 1 N/A

Win Tomohiko Hashimoto TKO (Knees) Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003 - Inoki Festival 12/31/2003 1 0:36

Loss Chuck Liddell KO (Punches) PRIDE - Total Elimination 2003 8/10/2003 1 3:09

Win Mike Bencic Submission (Knee to the Body and Punches) PRIDE 26 - Bad to the Bone 6/8/2003 1 3:44

Win Aaron Brink Submission (Guillotine Choke) 2H2H 6 - Simply the Best 6 3/16/2003 1 0:53

Win Bazigit Atajev TKO (Knee to the Body) PRIDE 24 - Cold Fury 3 12/23/2002 2 4:59

Win Dave Vader TKO (Doctor Stoppage) 2H2H 5 - Simply the Best 5 10/13/2002 2 N/A

Win Moise Rimbon Submission (Triangle Choke) 2H2H 5 - Simply the Best 5 10/13/2002 1 1:03

Win Yusuke Imamura TKO (Knee and Punches) PRIDE - The Best Vol. 2 7/20/2002 1 0:44

Win Vesa Vuori TKO (Punches) 2H2H - 2 Hot 2 Handle Germany 5/26/2002 1 2:15

Win Sergey Kaznovsky Submission (Armbar) M-1 MFC - Russia vs the World 3 4/26/2002 1 3:37

Win Roman Zentsov Submission (Keylock) 2H2H 4 - Simply the Best 4 3/17/2002 1 1:26

Win Stanislav Nuschik TKO (Knees) 2H2H 2 - Simply The Best 3/18/2001 1 0:53

Win Vladimer Tchanturia Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Rings - King of Kings 2000 Final 2/24/2001 1 1:06

Win Peter Verschuren Submission (Keylock) It's Showtime - Christmas Edition 12/12/2000 1 1:06

Loss Bobby Hoffman KO (Punch) Rings - Millennium Combine 2 6/15/2000 1 9:39

Loss Yuriy Kochkine Decision (Split) Rings Russia - Russia vs. The World 5/20/2000 2 5:00

Win Yasuhito Namekawa Submission (Armbar) Rings - Millennium Combine 1 4/20/2000 1 0:45

Win Can Sahinbas KO (Knee) 2H2H 1 - 2 Hot 2 Handle 3/5/2000 1 2:21

Win Chris Watts KO (Knee to the Body) Rings Holland - There Can Only Be One Champion 2/6/2000 1 3:58

Loss Yuriy Kochkine Decision (Majority) Rings - King of Kings 1999 Block A 10/28/1999 2 5:00

Win Ricardo Fyeet Submission (Guillotine Choke) It's Showtime - It's Showtime 10/24/1999 1 1:39

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