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Strikeforce The Hottest Org In MMA?


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Well, today while checking my Facebook, I happened to notice that Strikeforce (who I "like") posted a link to an article saying SF is the hottest org in MMA, and that they got UFC to 'tap'.




The reasons are pretty ridiculous. Because it's cool? It knocks the UFC for having (expensive) cards every month. It boasts about not having Shields anymore, saying he's a snore fest, yet they hyped him in a match against Hendo? And they also boast about Cung Le and a "premier" roster.


I like Strikeforce, but they should not worry about being the better company, just stick to doing what they are doing. Yeah, they didn't write the article, but they do back it up by linking it in their public profile. And TheBleacherReport? Very credible :rolleyes:

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