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Fair is Fair


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Let me start this off by saying im alot better at being a smart *** than I am with honest apologies, I've had more practice with the smart *** side. But this one is more than deserved....So here goes.


I first met BEG awhile back when I was posting under a different name on this forum, we began talking from time to time and eventually we began talking outside of the forum, and eventually we became friends. During that time in my life I was going through some major **** and she helped me get through it more than she will ever know. However, also during that time we butted heads alot due to our differing personalities and eventually instead of me saying this is someone who is a good person and letting disagreements be disagreements, I began to bash her in any way I could. It was childish, but it has always been the norm for me to handle conflict that way, If you dont see my side of it then **** you...And that's the wrong approach to take.


While the majority of us ****s on here are alot more bad than good...The good that BEG has shown me in the time I have known her has and will always outweigh any bad. She's smart, fun to talk too, charming in her own way, nice to the point that you sometimes think it's fake, but the more you talk to her you realize that some people really are just genuinely good people. And she tops that list.


The post that I have made on here bashing her had absoluetly nothing to do with her and everything to do with me. While I may have considered it all in joking, i realize others may have taken it seriously and that's not the impression you should have of her. Because at the end of the day she is an absolute pleasure for anyone to know...And anyone would be lucky as hell to call her a friend.


Like I said in the thread title...fair is fair....I made a mistake, im owning up to it, and I purposely "even through joking" hurt the feelings of someone who should never have their feelings hurt....and for that, once again....I apologize.

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