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BJ #4 ww in the world?


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KOS isnt even #2, he purely has a shot at the title becasue of his brashness and fighting style. I actually like Kos a lot but he isnt #2 n the division. I would ahve to go with Fitch or BJ at 2 and 3.then have shields and Kos debating 4-5. COndit cant be forgotten either he might be up there in the mix with Kos and Sheilds for spots 4-6

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I actually have him at number 5 although i think he could potentially beat any welterweight not named gsp.


In my opininion the rankings are:


1) GSP

2) Fitch

3) Kos

4) Shields

5) BJ


Either way i don't think it matters, BJ will most probably move back down to 155 after the fitch fight.

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I would have to say that it's

1. GSP

2. Fitch

3. Shields

4. Kosheck

5. Alves


Just because Koscheck is fighting for the title doesn't make him the number two welterweight in the world, Fitch is easily the number two over Koscheck, and I would have to say Shields should be ranked higher than him as well. The only reason I would say he should be ranked higher than Alves is because Thiago happens to be riding a two-fight losing streak(to the two top welterweights) and been sort of inactive lately, and Koscheck happens to be riding a nice winning streak.


I wouldn't put Penn in the top five right now, but his fight with Fitch is his chance to really put his foot down at welterweight.

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GSP ' date=' Fitch , Koscheck , Shields , Kampmann , Thiago Alves , are all above BJ in my opinion and I'd love to see BJ vs Nick Diaz.[/quote']



This is fairly accurate. However, BJ would destroy Shields and Alves wouldn't get too much done before he'd gas.








Even though I have Kos and Fitch above Penn, I still say he would beat both of them. GSP will never lose to Penn though.

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