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It's something that would have made the world a better place had Shinsplint's dad performed it on his mum on the evening he was drunkenly conceived :)


I thought that was what your half sister was for ? :D


And Kristufa, its an ace word.


Thats why Williamson and his Safe Pierre "mafia" like it so much.


They are used to that sort of thing.

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Hm, can this be explained tactfully enough to avoid being banned? That's a challenge I cannot resist.


You see sometimes when a boy likes a girl he wants to express his feelings physically. Sometimes after expressing his feelings for her repeatedly a boy becomes bored with the usual socially normal forms of expession, causing him to try new more unusual things. Some choose to try felching which consists of the boy depositing his love in a place where it normally wouldn't be deposited. Then the boy will remove his love orally...imagine eating jello out of a coconut with a hole in it. Sometimes the boy will employ an implement such a as a straw to facilitate the removal. To cap the whole lovely experience off the love is often shared between the boy an the girl via a deep and prolonged kiss.

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