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Harris Cut? Say What?


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Why? Is is because Dana is racist? Because he doesnt like black people?


Dana also cut Paul Daley and Kimbo Slice. He also threatened to cut Anderson Silva.


Or is it because of some scandal involving the buzzer going off 7 seconds early and saving Harris from a first round tap out at 50-1 odds involving the bookies and mafia???


Could it be Harris is fixing fights for the mafia in a money laundering scheme and Dana wants to dispose of the evidence before the formal investigation by the commission gets underway??????

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this was a post you have already made' date=' in a thread qith an identical topic....why would you turn your post into a thread that already exists?[/quote']





dont know the sequence of events, but right now there are about 4 different identical threads by the same guy.





mildly irritating.

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