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Dave O'Donnell 'Not Building UCMMA On A House Of Cards'


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New interview with D'oD, as he recaps a great 2010 for his UCMMA promotion, and gives a few hints at what is to come in the future, including the new 2011 Sky contract for eight shows.


What is the main thing you?ll take from this year? You?ve been promoting a long time now, but I assume every show throws up new experiences?


The main thing I?ve learnt with UCMMA is that in this industry there are many talks in the air. But with us, we now actually have over 50 hours of footage and 35 knock-outs to sell around the world. We are building a massive foundation and a brand, not just an arena show. If you rush promotions - and I can name four that have done that this year - then it?s not going to work.


We?re in it for the long haul and I?m keeping my feet planted firmly on the ground. I?ve been there with the big boys, been all round the world?. Guys think they can just rush in and throw money at it, but stick with us and believe and we will deliver.


Also gives his fights and fighters of the year.



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