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Shogun vs thiago silva!


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gotta go with Shogun....



plus' date=' is[b'] Thiago cleared from his Steroid allegations yet?.... [/b]he did look Extra HUGE fighting Vera..


no man he hasnt yet and it sucks so bad


in thiago comeback they will maybe give him less profile fighter


but i wanna see that fight but not now

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I just think that the fight makes sense. Once Shogun is medically cleared after what happened to him in the Jones fight and can actually be approved to fight again, Thiago should have the steroid stuff cleared up or atleast be close to it. Anyway, it would be an awesome fight for both guys. If Shogun can get back on track by beating Thiago it would say alot, especially after losing to Jones and looking so horrible in that fight. If Thiago wins, it would bring him close to a title shot, and a fight between him and Jones would be interesting. I would have to go with Shogun. I think that it would be a war, though. Silva is a tough SOB.

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