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New LW gatekeeper or next to be cut


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Evan Dunham is one lose away from the chop if the UFC keeps with teh 3 loses and your out rule or do you think they will keep him around as a gatekeeper.


I found it amusing that Dungam mention Melvin was a 1 dimensional fighter and only had sparwl and brawl in his arsenal, it was funny that he was put away very quickyly with that 1 tool.




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the division is stacked.


Give him Gomi in a loser leaves town match


Gomi would gas and get choked the **** out as usual. His only chance is to KO Dunham about a minute in like he did against Tyson Griffin. Tyson was an idiot for exchanging with Gomi early only BJ Penn and Nick Diaz can get away with that. I'd take Tyson in a rematch over Gomi.


I'll take this fight though :)

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