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Sherk vs Guillard


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I think this should happen. Thoughts?


Considering Sherk should have gotten the fight with Guillard yesterday and not Dunham.


I think Sherk would beat him. It would be a good fight though. Very good fight.


I did suggest this in my thread 5 minutes after the fights last night.


Guillard was far too big,powerful,explosive and aggressive for Dunham to handle , Dunham is a punches in bunches lanky endurance striker who beats you up for 15 minutes getting better as the fight goes on. Guillard hits hard for a damn 170er , he doesn't give up the speed advantage and he was aware of this so he just went for the kill while making sure it stayed standing , Dunham had no answer. So I believe he needs to fight a more physical fighter Sherk being ideal and not in a upcomming fight I hope to see it.

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He's coming up on 38 I think this year' date=' its not too surprising.[/quote']


True, Sherk has a hell of a record aswell, hopefully he won't mess it up by fighting too long.


However, as he is a wrestler his style is still effective at an older age compared to a striker, he could have a few more years left.

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