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the rise of Guillard


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I really think he is one fight away from a title shot. He has shown maturity in the octagon as of late. He has the tools to beat ANY lw. has the speed to keep up with edgar and has a lot more power, too fast for Maynard, too powerful for Pettis and Pettis won't be able to get him down, and he's probably the second strongest lw behind sherk.


The only way I see anyone beating him is if they don't stay in front of him, find a way to outwrestle and eventually submit him, or catch him with a lucky punch.


Possible roadblocks: I think sherk could take him down and keep him there...maybe. Sherk's getting up there in age and I don't see this fight happening

BJ: More technical, never been ko'd, best bjj in lw. But us currently at WW


can anyone stop this guy?


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