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For Dana White & The UFC


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I wrote something for you guys after Fight For The Troops 2 and sent it to the Sunday Junkie at MMAJunkie. It didn't make the cut so I'll leave it here because it was important to me:


Upon finding out the UFC wouldn't be airing the Brown/Yahya fight, I was appalled. How could they let a former champion slip into irrelevance like that? I wasn't upset too long, as they quickly announced all four prelim fights would be streamed via Facebook, not just two. When you're always paying money for their product, there's nothing like the feeling of learning your favorite company took the simple steps necessary to do right by you. This they did. And not only that: they also gave back to my country's defenders as they centered the broadcast on the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. I sometimes give negative criticism towards many tedious matters of the UFC but it's time they get credit where it's due; big thanks to the UFC for hitting a home run on every level! People like to throw around the term "Zuffa zombie", but I call it "thoroughly satisfied (thus loyal) customer".


Thanks again DW & company!

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Thanks buddy! And I agree about MTB. I'm starting to think he just takes one look at the odds for his fights and says "eff training"...but what do I know' date=' best to him...[/quote']


Yeah, I'm really not too sure.

I grew to like him as a fighter, but I still believe his two victories over Faber are pure fluke.


I'd love to see the UFC give him one last chance, but I highly doubt that will happen.

Losing 3 of your last 4 does not make a good impression, especially when he's supposed to be near the top of a thin FW division.

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