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Shay Walsh Aiming To Showcase Well Rounded Skill Set At OMMAC


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At OMMAC 9, Lancaster and Morecambe MMA's Shay Walsh (4-0) will face Pete McGurk (5-2-1) in an interesting bout in the Featherweight division. Walsh is looking forward to a challenge, and hopes to display a well rounded skill set in a fast paced, exciting bout.


"Without a doubt it's definitely going to be my toughest test so far, and that's exactly what I need really and exactly what I want," analysed the Northerner. "No disrespect to anyone I've fought, but they've all been finished off pretty quickly and I'm not going to progress my career without getting a stiffer test, and that's definitely what Pete can give me. I hope he can because take me into the later stages of the fight, because I need the experience. He's got a well rounded skill set, and I think he could definitely provide that challenge.


"From what I've seen, he likes to stand and defend takedowns, but he's very dangerous because even when he has been taken down he submits people off his back, so I've just got to be prepared for anything, which is how things are going to be now on for anyone that I fight. Further up the ladder, everyone knows how to fight in every area of the game."


Full interview can be read here: http://britmma.co.uk/shay-walsh-hoping-mcgurk-will/4547727768

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