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Hd vs meat head!!


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First off, I would like to say that to a certain degree I am a Pat Barry fan. I love seeing elite strikers like Barry in MMA but damn did he disappoint me last night with his performance against the Mexicutioner. He looked sluggish, out of shape and once again he proved that he still hasn't made any drastic improvements to his ground game. I mean he couldn’t do anything with a full mount on a wounded and gassed opponent.


Nevertheless, he did demonstrate his freakishly quick and powerful leg kicks. That being said, he was never able to really employ his abilities in an effective way until the last round. It seems that if he was in better shape he could have ended that fight much faster or at least performed better. It really seemed like he didn’t even take that fight serious.


I know I may seem like a whiney ***** to some but I always thought lot of exciting fights could come out of Barry but with performances like last night he will have ZERO chance against any top 5 HW in MMA. I initially thought his loss against Cro Cop was a fluke but the way he looked last night maybe it wasn’t.


I say throw the Meat head at him. Dana wants fighters to get over the whole “I won’t fight my homie” mentality anyway so why not throw these two in the octagon. It would be guaranteed fireworks and we would all see where these guys fit in the HW division. From what I saw last night Meat head is faster, has better hands and has far more to offer cardio wise than Berry has proven thus far.

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they're training partners' date=' ****[/quote']


Dana wants fighters to get over the whole ?I won?t fight my homie? mentality anyway so why not throw these two in the octagon?




Obviously you?re too stupid to finish reading a whole post. So trying to reason with you would be a waste of energy.


My advice to you is before you critique a post try to fully read and comprehend it so that you don't look as stupid as you do now.

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Matt Mitrione has already said he won't fight Barry






Well I think he would beat him. I did not like how Barry performed at all. It was just a thought. It will probably never come to fruition unless they both get to the top of the heep. I'm pretty sure Mitirione will get farther on the food chain than Barry anyway.

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