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Tim "Glass Jaw" Hague


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It doesn't look like he hits that hard' date=' Tim Hague just has a glass jaw. Have you seen Mitrione's fem stache?


nuff sayid[/quote']


Your an idiot.

I like to see you take a punch by Mitrione.


Big talk for a nobody.

Tim Hague would beat the **** out of you.


''Nuff Sayid''

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He played in the NFL because he couldn't punch hard enough to make it in MMA, then after he was a superstar in the NFL the UFC saw money signs and brought him in, just like Lesnar.


You guys need to get real.


And tim Hague looked like he was trying to be Tim Sylvia with his look, why not just cut this bum and bring in the real thing?

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Hes a good fighter but i dont think he has what it takes to be in the UFC hes like 1 - 4 in the UFC or somthing... TBH i dont think they should have rehired him after realising him after the Beltran fight.


So yes he should be released although i dont agree that he has a glass jaw.

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