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Chael "the criminal" Sonnen


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The guy is a fraud, and he's calling Anderson a fraud? I can imagine he's gonna have much harder time finding employment now. He cheated in his fight shooting roids. This guy is total BS, anything he say has no credibility.


His mouth always going off saying stupid ****. He talks more than a teenage girl. One trick pony who knows nothing more than wrestling, always get choked then tapped in the end, just look at his record. The guy never learn.


This guy doesn't have an ounce of honor in him. Why does the UFC has this kind of people in their organization? Fire him, and let the fool hang with his criminal friends in jail. But of course the fool will shamelessly show his face on TV again, maybe on Cops.


Ever since I know he need to shoot roids to compete with Anderson, lost all respect. Such a coward.

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