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Official LW Discussion Thread


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*Attention, Kind of A wall of Text to start, but hopefully this gets the ball rolling on some great LW Discussions, as apose to making 300 different threads.


Hey with the recent big fight in the LW divion i thought i would get some discussions going, not just on the fight, but on the entire picture.


Division probably looks something like this currently.


1) Frankie

2) Maynard

3) Pettis

4) Guida ( rumor'd to be fighting Pettis for number 1 contender )

5) Henderson ( former Champ, just coming off a loss )

6) Sotiropoulous ( no Huge Wins But did very well vs, Roop, Stevenson, Laz )

7) Jim Miller ( on a nice streak, problem are he has lost to Frankie/Maynard)






Kinda a bit fuzzy in my mind after 6.


Dont think Silver makes it onto that list ( which sux for George )


Gotta consider And Discuss The Following!


-BJ coming back and would take a spot

-Aldo Moving up would take a spot

-Melvin is realistically top 10 now for sure

-Dunham is probably right near 10

-Sherk may even be granted a close spot up there.

-Bocek probably is not a top 10 dude, but who knows.

-Gomi? Meh?

-Were do we put florian?

-All the WEC guys coming in.

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Florian probly be top 5 still... maybe him at 5 and knock Hendo and Gsot down one


that is a very good point. He beat Guida up pretty bad, and now Guida see's himself sitting in a title contention shot. Wonder if the fight would be different now that Guida has spent some serious time training at Greg Jacksons Camp.


? Is KenFlo still with Jacksons? Cuz i know he trained elsewere for the fight fight they had, but that is when Guida was still new.


Florian vs G-sot would be a great fight matchup, but i feel bad not giving G-Sot a title shot or at least a number 1 contender fight if he beats Silver which i feel he will.

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There are rumors about that Florian wants to fight Melvin. War of words going on right now, Melvin feels Kenny Doesnt derserve him but Im sure the UFC feels otherwise.


Was a big win vs Dunham but I think a win over KenFlo will really make an even bigger statement for him. With Maynard/Frankie Pettis/Guida already locked up this seems like a logical fight.


Kenflo has trouble with big strong dudes ( sherk/maynard) so i think Melvin is going to be a real tough fight for Kenflo.

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There are now talks afloat of Kenny Moving to 145. Its hard to see whats going to come of this, due to the fact that Kenny wants Melvin, and thats a Fight he gets if he wants it. Maybe some pushing from his camp would lead him to believe a move to 145 would be better for himself.


I would agree that Kenny at 145 would be a great addition, and an overal better move for him. Im not sure what Kenny Walks around at... I couldnt see it being any more than 168 or so.


Everyone reacts differently to a weight cut, so not sure how kenny would do with that Extra 10 pounds, but maybe a few alterations in training and diet and the cut would still not hinder his ability in the octagon.

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