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How many LW's are at Jacksons?


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Why are so many lightweights training at Jackson's camp? I know the division is stacked at the moment but I think this could be a problem in the future because no one ever wants to fight their teamates and it could develop in to a Swick/Fitch/Koscheck type situation. And I want Pat Barry to fight Mitrione and JDS vs Nog to happen and I wouldn't mind seeing Diaz vs Diaz either.

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Barry and Mitrione would fight.


Mitrione would probably win because we've all seen what happens when Barry fights people he likes.


Fitch vs Koscheck would be stellar... but it'll never happen... but it would happen before you saw Diaz vs Diaz... which will never happen... ever.


JDS vs Nog would be neat... but if Cain can knock out Nog, JDS will put a beat down. then again, JDS's ground game is suspect... and Nog teaches him (prolly)

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