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Killzone 3


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Anyone played the beta or been looking at it at all?


Killzone was probably my favorite game ever after the CoD series but Killzone 2 was absolutely horrible so im trying to make heads or tails of it to decide wether its worth purchasing.


Nope I stick to Sports and God of War. All tho I should try Call of duty. That many people can't be wrong right?

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KZ2 was epic. Different but epic. I don't remember why I ever traded it in, I probably needed some money, but it was definitely a great game.


And though I haven't gotten into the private beta that they had a while back, they are releasing a public beta Feb. 2 - Feb. 22 to let people pretty much try it out (online). It comes with two online modes and the offline bot mode.


KZ3 will be in the running for GOTY for sure, and I'm pulling for that, Skyrim, or Resistance 3

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