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This is Machida's last chance...


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It's being blown out of proportion.



Dana said he "is in a must win situation."



He didn't say he would cut him.


Machida is arguably the best technical all-around fighter in all of LHW division. He isn't getting cut.


No reason he should be cut. There's nothing wrong at all in losing to Shogun, Rampage, and Couture. They're three of the toughest fighters in the division, two of them are top 3.

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this isbs coz dana as said Machida will not be cut if he loses this fight not at all but he needs to win and win dominatly to get back in the top 5 .... personally I dont think he will be champ again he was never a puzzle myself and like loads of fighters said agression agression agression is key when fighting a guy like machida and now we know it all to well

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