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LHW Contention


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I see it like this first of all Jon Jones he has been on a mother ****in tear and looks near unstoppable but hasnt fought anyone in the curret top 5 in my opinnion, same goes for Ryan Bader there is then Thiago Silva Quinton Jackson who I feel are both very worthy contenders as is Machida who has hit a black pot especialy if he loses to Randy.


Griffin and Franklin as of late arnt exacly on big win streaks either so who is really lined up ?


I think the winner of Jones Bader will face the winner of Griffin Franklin then fight for the title ?

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Dana has said that Rampage is next in line.




I'm assuming that means if he wins the Silva fight. That doesn't mean it's a number 1 contender match-up. You can look to the Jake Shields fight for proof of that.


If Rapmage loses, then it'll either be the winner of Bader/Jones or Forrest/Franklin. Probably all depending on which side of the bed Dana got up on. If Rampage wins, then I figure the Bader/Jones and Forrest/Franklin winners while face off for the next no 1 contender status. But, of course, this is MMA. Anything can happen. Including who Dana wants to give title shots too.


Hell, he may decide to throw it to Randy if he beats Machida and Shogun retains. Randy did express interest in fighting Shogun, regardless of whether or not the title was involved. So if both Shogun and Randy win, or both Shogun and Randy lose, their next fights may well be against each other.

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