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Mark Hominick....


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A million times yes.


The second round is one of the best rounds I've seen in years.


I just watched the fight- great fight btw.


Two things-


1. I don't like his left hook to the body- he is very susceptible to a straight right when he does that-


2. He is constantly susceptible to leg kicks- which Aldo will definitely exploit.


Other than that, he is a great fighter who knows how to pressure without getting nailed.

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He's not going to beat Aldo.


but he obviously deserves the fight. he left the UFC undefeated @ 155. Definitely earned it with his past 4 fights in the WEC, & his win over Roop in his return.


despite the hype, I think Hominick has as good a chance as any Aldo opponent to date.


BTW Hominick/Yves was one of my votes for FOTY 2010.

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