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MMAth for Shogun vs. Evans fight!


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Shogun beat Machida. Machida beat Rashad. So' date=' Shogun will beat Rashad too![/size'] End. :cool:


FAIL :confused:



how come? based on your post


Shogun KTFO machida' date=' machida [b']KTFO [/b]rashad, so shogun will KTFO rashad too


Shields beat Condit, Condit KTFO Hardy, so shields will beat/KTFO Hardy too

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Rashad made the mistake of thinking he was a top level striker and standing with Machida. If he had fought Rampage before Machida Rampage would have (T)KO'd him. Machida did to Evans what Serra did to GSP... Sent him back to wrestling. Evans won't make the mistake of trying to go toe to toe with SHogun, all his strikes will be to set up the TD and he will win by UD imo.

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The outside section is not doing it for me anymore. Now I remember why I signed up for this forum. :)

Haha exactly :D

Oh, want some fun? Tell the poster Ufcwhereitsat or whatever that Shogun sucks.

You'll get a page long rant about some stuff that you'll zone out reading half-way.

It's awesome ;)

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