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TATAME magazine poll: 28% of voters(2nd place) say that Silva wil be the next to lose


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his belt' date=' nice to see that people are catching up to this fraud and that may words are being heard world wide![/quote']


Hey camarda, explain to the folks here that Tatame is a brazilian magazine and also mma channel in Brazil ...


Now back to your thread ... Anderson is not a fraud but what Vitor is the hardest fighter (striker) he will face in UFC.


Vitor is an outstanding striker and KO artist as well. He trains with Randy and on top it he is a black belt BJJ. and to end his resume, he is EXPERIENCED FIGHTER. CHAMP IN 2 WEIGHTS ALREADY.


Even myself think Vitor nowadays has what it takes to beat Anderson. If Vitor cant no one in MW cant either.

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