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New UFC rule


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I think it is safe to say that everyone loves to see a ground fight that demonstates control and dominace over another fighter( i.e. George St. Pierre, Gray Maynard, Rashad Evans, etc.)


All fights start standing up which gives stand up fighters like Anderson Silva and Bj Penn a huge unfair advantage. However, there have been many fights lately where 2 guys just stand infront of each other and just throw punches back and forth which is quite repeditive and senseless.


In order for the UFC to shake things up, I think they should add a new rule:

If neither fighter lands a big shot during the duration of 1 minute, the fight is moved to the ground. This works toward a more equal playing feild and we will get to see more technical dominace of position being displayed.


Your thoughts?

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Lets keep things even if one person wins a round at the begining of the next round the other fighter gets a free kick to start things off in the next round


or if there is a draw they could just go punch for punch until one falls that way there is a winner


In all seriousness i like the rules the way they are sure there are some boring fights but it also makes for some good fights to i dont feel there is a need to change the rules

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