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Wow check out this Marvin Guillard interview


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Typo^ not Marvin but Melvin

From AllMMA

AllMMA: Would you fight Kenny Florian?

Melvin: I said I would beat his a*s, but Florian would most likely submit me so im afraid of that, id rather fight for a title shot.


AllMMA: Hasn't every time in the last 3 years you asked for a title shot you always ended up losing your next fight?

Melvin: Yea thats why I want a title shot


AllMMA: Melvin why were snorting artificial sweetner?

Melvin: Because i thought it was Diet Coke


AllMMA: What's the difference between a drug dealer and a prostitute?

Melvin: A prostitute can wash her crack and sell it again.


AllMMA: You do realize Gray Maynard would man handle you, right?

Melvin: I want my title shot


AllMMA: I think you should fight Kenny Florian or loser of Edgar/Maynard to test where your skill level is then get one?

Melvin: I will sucker punch Pettis so he cant fight for the title and i will take his place





AllMMA: Hi Kenny Florian, how do you respond to Guilard's comment's

Kenny: Um, i called Greg Jackson's camp and I asked to talk to Melvin, they said they had this new tray of lifting chalk for rubbing on your hands, and apparently Melvin was found face down in it and was choking and couldn't come to the phone at the time.

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