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Domonick Cruz to fight Faber/Wineland winner, and potential Aldo superfight


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Cruz is looking for a return in Summer or so and it seems like he will be defending his belt against the winner of the fight at UFC 128 between Urijah Faber and Eddie Wineland


He also talked about a potential superfight against Aldo at 145 but said he wants to win a couple of more fights first to proves he is the best at 135



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Nice' date=' Faber/Cruz makes sense. It would be a good first bantamweight title fight in the UFC. They might do TUF for that fight but there are alot of guys who I would rather see on TUF personally.[/quote']


yeah that's what I was thinking, it would be cool if they did a BW TUF with those coaches and all Bantamweight's to help the UFC Only fans get to know some more of the top lighter guys and it would help increase the BW division with more fightes


but I agree, probably better candidates

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