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Bisping building up the Rivera fight.


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Michael Bisping on Jorge Rivera: "All of a sudden he thinks he's a tough guy smart talker. Oh, okay Jorge. But before he makes a proper fool of himself I think he needs to look closely at the people he's been beating, and ask himself why he's been beating them. He hasn't beaten anyone as good as me. I'm not saying he's... not dangerous, he can obviously punch and will have a war, but I'm surprised he's been talking the way he has. We're talking about a guy who's got submitted by a welterweight kick-boxer, but the way he talks he's Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee's lovechild."


War Bisping!

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I have heard a rumour that Bispings walkout music is 'God Save YOUR queen'


The inmates in HMP Australia love that


I love bispings original entrance song

fifa (98 RTWC I think) OST FTW!


I think bisping is gonna outstrike jorge and take the UD

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yes' date=' he has beaten such great fighters in elvis sinosic, matt hamill, denis kang, dan miller, and sexyama How could i forget charles mccarthy and jason day.


i will admit though bisping is getting better and he is pretty good at picking people apart.[/quote']


everybody beats sexyama,and he certainly beat up Hamill,and wheres Kang now?Leban just stood there allowing Bisping to tee off on his head begging him to hit him again...AND Bisping couldnt even KO him?...lol

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**Disclaimer: I am not a Michael Bisping hater. I do rag on the guy, but I have plenty of respect for him.**


There are two groups of fighters Bisping has beaten: cans and good match ups. Lets focus on the latter.


The three best names Bisping has beaten are Leben, Kang and Akiyama. Leben was a superb match up because Bisping ALWAYS circles to his left, which is perfect when fighting a south paw power puncher. When fighting an orthodox power puncher...well just watch a replay of UFC 100 or see the photos from this thread.


Kang all Bisping needed to do was survive the first round before Kang gassed. Honestly, the way Bisping survived, scrambled to guard and eventually finished Kang was bar none the most impressive Bisping has been in the octagon. I was very impressed with him.


The Akiyama fight, what was Bisping thinking when he signed this fight? Probably, "Well thanks captain Dana for giving me a welterweight who thinks he can strike."

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