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What Shin Pads????? HELP?


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OK I need to buy some shin pads with an instep guard.


It is for a MMA class but it is very much focused on striking, so I want ones that are basically muay thai pads not MMA pads.


Also I don't like the idea of a complete sock under my foot instead I prefer ones with a strap under the foot so it is actually my foot that grips the ground not the sock.

Oh and I want them fairly thick as I want to be able to kick hard.



Any suggestions, recommendations or warnings?


Current favourites are


Twins shin instep guard



These high quality shin / instep guards are deluxe quality leather.

The padding is thick and the fit is comfortable.

Large will fit someone from 175cm up

* Made in Thailand

* High quality full Thai leath


I like the full leather and thick padding but they don't look to cover the sides of the calf as well.




King Shin Guard 1C



King take style and function to the limit, these guards are great

Specially designed with extra attention for maximum protection of the areas around the lower leg muscles and the area under the knee caps.

Created to combine the highest possible standards whilst conforming to professional safety standards.

Full-leather outer with tough super nytex back lining for optimal durability.

Hook-and-Loop closure for a secure fit

* Knee guard built in

* Very High quality


Better side protection but only part leather and I am thinking they aren't as thick.




So thoughts or opinions people?????



Oh I am in North Sydney so any suppliers near by you can recommend would be great but I am currently thinking I shall be getting them online.

And FYI delievery from america is usually about $55.

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