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Costas Doru Talks Career So Far; Learning and Improving All The Time


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Costas Doru is a 4-0 Pro who will take on Liam James at BAMMA on February 26th at the MEN Arena in Manchester. He tells Chris Shanks about his career so far, and what his aims are in MMA.


A couple of quotes from Doru:


On his Ammy debut:


?I was nervous," admitted Doru. The first time I stepped into the cage it was during an amateur fight against a Welsh fighter in Wales. The crowd was booing me and if I am brutally honest I was in half a mind to just get up and go home. When I won, the rush at the end was the best, I was hooked from there up until that point I had only been doing MMA part time.?


On whether he is a part time/full time Pro:


?It is somewhere in the middle right now. I have part-time work that allows me to train before I go to work and then straight after. It is better than working nine to five and being forced to cram all the training into the evenings. When it comes to savoury things like, booze and the like I can take it or leave it, I am not a big drinker anyway, so that's good.


"My vice is chocolate and sweet foods. Once I have a fight lined up, I have to cut all that out completely and go cold turkey. The thing with me is, if I don't see it I don't crave it. If there is something in the house and I know it's there, then its going to make me want it more. On the other hand, if I consciously make the decision not to buy the things that I crave then it is not a problem. When I get home and I want some chocolate, it gets to the point where it's late so I can't be arsed to go to the shop and get it anyway."


Check out the full interview with Costas here: http://britmma.co.uk/costas-doru-talks-career-so-fa/4547900748

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