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International TUF


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I was watching a interview with Lorezno Fertitta and he mentioned a international TUF( for example just Mexican fighters in Mexico) being announced at the end of the year.


My opinion is the UFC should do the first international TUF in Brazil with Shogun and the Spider as coaches. The Brazilians seem to have the best talent for the tournament and the Shogun vs Silva fight could be equal to the American TUF 1 with Randy and Chuck.


Here is the interview with Lorezno. He talks about the international TUF at the 3 minute mark.



Your thoughts on the first international TUF.

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If i have to choose between a season end fight between A.Silva Vs Shogun or Hathaway Vs Hardy ... let me think ...


The problam for me with a Brazilian tuf is it will probably be in portuguese and on a Brazilian tv station so I would miss the season. If the UFC picks UK or Canada they could still show it on Spike.

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Looks like I should of added China to the Poll. In a old interview with Dana White he said


"We're working on China right now," he said. "We're moving fast in China."


As White told MMAjunkie.com in May, the UFC plans to host live shows in the world's most populous state (1.3 billion people), and a Chinese version of "The Ultimate Fighter" reality series is expected to kick off the expansion.



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