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Werdum:Barnett has little ****/overeem is my son


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no **** sherlock' date='he's been saying it for a while barnett little **** overeem big ****.


My son meaning he owns him or something i guess,cant wait to see werdum sub overoid again[/quote']


First time i saw it so my bad.


As for you can't wait for Werdum to sub Overeem again well you might be waiting a long time then. Hows never for ya? :P

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Not sure what he meant by Overeems my son but Werdum's still learning english.
I don't know what he meant, either. But here''s a fact I never thought I'd use on an MMA forum- A war once started between the Mongols and the Koresm Empire over that phrase. The Mongol ambassador told the Shah that Khan would consider him a son. High praise in the Mongol culture, but take very differently...
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