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Holy **** SF was awesome!!!!!


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The production was actually pretty good. Some of the fights were alright.




Nick Diaz and Cyborg looked amateurish until it hit the ground. No defense at all, no head movement, missed checking 90% of the leg kicks. Diaz was only punching with his arms most of the time (rather then his whole body).


People say Diaz would be a good fight for GSP? that is laughable...as is the fact that he's going to try professional boxing.

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It was OK. SF fights usually seem good, but its only because they are so unevenly matched up. It seems smart on their part because in most fans' minds a finish = a great fight. In reality they just don't have the talent pool to put on more competitive matches. This leads to a main card that only lasts an hour and a half. They could have at least filled in the extra time by airing some of the prelims.


I am looking forward to the HW Tournament, though. It has the potential to be great.

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