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So who is next


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For the winners/losers of tonight's Strikeforce?


Roger "on to the next one" Gracie- on to the next one lol (he looked good in that fight) but for real maybe a top ten guy just to see where he is.


Hershel "I'll be 90 but wont need a" Walker- Someone under 40 who has good mma ability lol but for real maybe a top 20 guy?


Jacare "The alligator" Souza- the winner of the fight between Tim Kennedy and Mayhem?


Nick "I moved down a weight class to avoid mayhem" Diaz- lets see whos next, I'll be honest I dont know strikeforces welter weight divsion well sides the gusy he has already beaten.




The guy who lost to gracie- someone with less skills than gracie, maybe an up and comer?


The 40 year old man who looked scared to death of Hershel- Fight somewhere else or retire you are too old to improve on not being able to compete.


Robbie Lawlor- work more on TDD and BJJ...he caught him in the stand and maybe work a little harder to be patient and not go crazy and dive on a guy with amazing BJJ after you rock him and he goes to the ground, He should have let him stand back up and started beating on him again...rant end/ as far as an opponent the loser of Kennedy/Mayhem


Cyborg Evangelista Santos- Maybe someone who will stand with him like KJ Noons?

Man imagine losing another title fight only to go home to a girl that looks like another guy without her makeup lol...having to **** that after a huge defeat :(

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I would like ...


Nick Diaz vs. Paul Daley


Evangelista Santos vs Tyron Woodley


Ronaldo Souza vs. Cung Le


Robbie Lawler vs Scott Smith


Herschel Walker vs. Bobby Lashley


Roger Gracie vs. St. Preux


Actually I do like these...these are good fights for then


And how could I forget about Paul Daley maybe I still thought he was in the UFC lol :rolleyes:

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