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The Most Interesting Man In The World


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What's up my peeps. What the haps. Was bored and youtubing and came across this. Anybody else remember this vid before UFC 117.




I'm a Sonnen fan but I wouldn't even call him the most interesting man in MMA. Would probably give it to "The All American" Brian Stann or Herschel Walker.


But who would say is actually the most interesting man in the world?

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Yeah I posted it in the wrong section. A mod should be around in a week or two to move it. :P


Wasn't limited to just MMA. Mark Zuckerberg would probably get my vote right now. Youngest billionaire in the world. Was a programming prodigy in middle school. Speaks like 5 different languages. Oh and he invented a little website called Facebook' date=' whether you believe he stole it or not.[/quote']


Yeah i guess hes an interesting guy, but people who spend there lives working on computer technology and things of that nature dont really interest me too much but thats just my opinion.


Although theres no doubt he must be incredibly clever to do all that, especially knowing 5 different languages, i cant even grasp more then 1 :D

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Not to mention his great acting. To act like something could actually hurt him. Guys got great range.




That clip is actually in reverse, he got up and head butted it. The paddle didn't survive.


Back on topic. Chuck doesn't always drink beer, but when he does. He has that Dos Equis guy bring it to him in a dress.

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