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TheReal story about Jones vs Bader!!!!


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Everyone keeps saying that Jones didnt fight the competition that Bader has. But if you think about it, who did Bader actually fight?


Bader: Jardine, Lil Nog

Jones: Hamil, Vera, Matyushenko


Comparison: Bader KO?d Jardine when Jardine was in decline and a lot of people thought Lil Nog won the fight against Bader. Jones destroyed all of the three above mentioned opponents, although he lost the Hamil fight due to a DQ. If you compare the fighters Bader fought to the fighters Jones fought you will find that it is Jones that has fought stiffer competition than Bader. Jardine would get picked apart by any of the opponents that Jones fought (Jardine actually lost to Hamil) and it remains to be seen if Lil Nog would beat these opponents Jones fought. If you were to put Jones against Jardine, Jardine would last 2 minutes tops. If you would put Jones against Lil Nog he would blast through Lil Nog as well.


So all the guys that say ?Jones hasn?t been tested? should maybe consider that the guy is just that good, that these opponents he fought didn?t pose a threat to him.


That is why I think that Bones will make quick work of Darth: Bones by 1st round decapitation.

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look jones is a great talent and so is bader.

the diffrendce is bader plays it safe and jones doesnt.

jones get's in to finish the fights and bader goes in to win the fights.

it could be that bader has jones number or that jones will suprice badre with his flashy moves. this should be a conterder fight if you ask me. i hope the winner get's the winner of rampage vs silva for contending the belt

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I really dont see to much of a difference in competition between those two lists I mean LilNog but is he really much better than Vera. I got Bones by complete destruction! Bader bearly beat LilNog if you put Jones up against him I guarantee he finishes the fight by KO, and Jardin didnt he lose like 2 fights after the UFC let him go to no namers......

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