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Nam Phan OUT, Korean Zombie IN against Garcia


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I think that this will disappoint alot of people.


I only say that because the first fight was so ****ing amazing that there is no chance they can live up to it. Just look at Forrest/Bonner 2. It just couldn't live up.


I really hope I am wrong because it would be amazing for them to relive that last fight.

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People are gonna hype this fight to the sky, then ***** about it afterwards.

It wont be able to live up to the hype imo.

The 1st fight was something special just like Forrest / Bonner 1. The 2nd not so much.

IMO the same will be for this fight.


Garcia to win tho.


Plus as well you have to remeber the zombie said he wont be going back to his old style of keep coming forwards after what happened to him last time against Roop.


So expect a different fight this time around.

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